Community Guidelines
for a Respectful and Productive Discussion Space

  1. Everyone can participate. No one should dominate. We will respectfully share our perspective.
  2. We share the airtime. One speaker at a time.
  3. We agree to disagree and expect to be surprised.
  4. We share our own experience (not others’) and we use “I” statements
  5. We respect each other’s thinking and value each other’s contributions. We promote empathy.
  6. We treat all that we hear as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  7. We don’t make assumptions.
  8. We seek unity, not to separate.
  9. We are open and non-judgmental to new ideas.
  10. We believe confidentiality is everyone’s right. Inside this space we share our own experiences. Outside this space we only share what we’ve received permission to share.
  11. We treat each other the way we want to be treated.
  12. We bring these NHH values into this space:
    1. We are here to build relationships.
    2. We may disagree on means even though we agree on aims.
    3. We strive to work transparently.
    4. We do not use this space to blame or shame others.

About these guidelines

These guidelines were adopted using a consensus process by the conveners of No Hate in the Hammer in August 2019.

In May 2021 they were amended to add the twelfth guideline, a reference to five core No Hate in the Hammer’s values that were developed by a steering committee in late 2019.

The guidelines are our expectations for ourselves as members of No Hate in the Hammer, the visitors who join us during in-person and virtual events, and the presenters who share their experience and expertise with us.

Participants in an NHH event can expect to be asked to follow these guidelines, to be reminded of them if their behaviour is perceived as transgressing guidelines, and to be asked to leave or prevented from attending other events if engaging in behaviour that shows repeated disregard for the guidelines.

Please direct questions or concerns about these guidelines to the NHH Steering Committee via