Statement in Solidarity with the Black Community

Systemic anti-black racism persists in our society. While Canada was founded on racial injustice, we have a long history of denying racism exists in this country.

Despite human rights being protected by federal, provincial and territorial laws, racist and discriminatory stereotypes about people of African Descent permeate contemporary society and disproportionately impact the social, economic, educational, and health outcomes of Black men, women and children. Whether they are descendants of those who were enslaved or recent immigrants, people of African Descent are united by the shared, lived experience with anti-Black racism.

Hamilton cannot be an inclusive city where everyone is free from hate while racism perseveres. No Hate in the Hammer is a coalition of individuals and organizations working together to be an effective tool for social change through education, collaboration, knowledge sharing and advocacy. We share both the pain and the righteous rage communities are experiencing across Turtle Island. COVID-19 has brought to the surface inequalities and discrimination faced by members of the Black community. These issues are not new, but they require a different approach. We require leaders who move beyond statements and take meaningful action.

As Hamiltonians we must move from being non-racist to being anti-racist. We must break our silos, educate ourselves, and actively support anti-racist organizing in our community. We must engage in difficult conversations with our families, friends, and colleagues. Each of us has an important role in this fight. Come join us!

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