Be part of the change.

May 19 and 20, 2021.

Connecting and collaborating online.

Working together to build a more inclusive Hamilton.

A Summit for Everyone

This virtual gathering is for community members who know they want to take an active role in anti-racism and anti-oppression work.

Listen and learn along with us. Help define the collective actions necessary to build an inclusive city: A Hamilton where everyone is free from all forms of hate.

Concrete Objectives

This summit is for rolling up our sleeves, recognizing our differences and our common goals, and committing to individual and collective action to make lasting change.

A $100 Value, 100% Free

Because of a generous grant from the US Embassy we are able to welcome some leading voices working against hate in the United States into our local conversations and planning.

The grant also allows us to recognize our local experts with honorariums for their time and cover technology costs without charging a fee to participants!

Online & Interactive

Zoom fatigue is real, but so is the rise of hate locally and nationally. The pandemic means we can’t meet in person, but we’re doing everything we can to make this virtual summit one that is vibrant, interactive, and focused on a community-developed plan for moving forward together against the rise of hate.

This summit was made possible by:

After this summit you'll be able to...

Explain what hate is and where it comes from

Understand the pervasiveness of organized hate in Hamilton

Recognize hate in different local contexts

Debunk the myths of anti-hate work

Apply skills to respond to hate as an individual

Contribute to strategies to respond to hate collectively

Frequently Asked Questions

The summit program was developed for community members in Hamilton who know they want to take an active role in anti-racism and anti-oppression work. This is an opportunity for community to come together and work towards building a hate free Hamilton.

There is no existing knowledge requirement for participating in the conference. It’s meant to be a place where we can come together to share what we know about hate and build a community response.

We ask and require all presenters and guests to abide by our community guidelines for respectful and productive discussion, posted at

These guidelines will be summarized during the summit’s welcome session.

Information collected by the registration form will only be used to facilitate your participation in the summit.

Your full name and email address will be entered into the virtual conference platform we have selected to host the summit to give you access to the program. The platform is provided by Pheedloop, a Canadian company, and their privacy policy is here.

We will add registrants to our electronic newsletter list as this is the primary way we will be communicating with registrants before the summit. You may request not to be added to our electronic newsletter list, or may unsubscribe yourself using the link at the bottom of each mailing.

We will not share your personal information with a third party.

The Global News article Hamilton anti-hate coalition to launch ‘No Hate in the Hammer’ campaign describes the start of the coalition. Three founding organizations came together in response to increased signs of organized hate in Hamilton with the goal of providing a space in which community-based leadership could develop.

The steering committee is a self-selected group of individuals and organizations which currently numbers about 30. Some folks may be attached to organizations but not necessarily “officially representing” that organization at the steering committee, while others are acting as liaisons for an organizational membership.

The membership application form illustrates the broadness of the NHH umbrella: membership in the coalition requires a commitment to two statements and the making of a specific personal commitment of action against hate. The steering committee is made up of those members who have decided to be part of the NHH work at the steering level.

The full conference program will be released in early May.

The summit learning objectives outline what we hope participants will walk away with:

  • Understand and be able to explain what hate is and where hate comes from
  • Understand how pervasive organized hate is in Hamilton and the targets of hate in Hamilton
  • Understand why anti-hate work is relevant as a Canadian and as a “good” person
  • Have new skills to respond to hate individually and collectively, in different contexts like schools, faith communities, family gatherings, and professional life

In addition to this learning, we hope to each walk away with a renewed commitment to personal action and a stronger understanding of the power of collective action.

The summit will be presented on the Pheedloop event platform. Pheedloop provides accessibility features to achieve WCAG, ADA, and AODA compliance.

The summit program will be captioned with CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation).

We ask that if you have questions or concerns about accessing the summit that you contact us at

The US Embassy & Consulates in Canada offers a funding opportunity called the Democracy, Diversity and Human Rights Virtual Grant Program intended to carry out virtual programs to strengthen bilateral ties between the United States and Canada on Democracy, Diversity and Human Rights.

This program has provided funding that allows us to invite speakers from the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Western States Center to join our local conversation on collective action against the rise of hate. These expert voices in the historical roots of hate from the United States context and effective interventions against hate are a welcome addition to the local and regional experts who will be discussing the Canadian context and the reality on the ground in Hamilton.

The funding from the embassy and consulates program extends to the technical platform, the professional conference supports, and honorariums to local speakers that are allowing No Hate in the Hammer to offer no-cost participation to a conference that would otherwise have a ticket price over $100.

Funding from the US Embassy and Consulates in Canada (UECC) grant was not made with any restrictions on the content or message of the summit. Representatives of UECC have not had a role in planning Listen Learn Act.

All policy statements made by No Hate in the Hammer can be found online at To date there have been none on the subject of US foreign policy.

The virtual format of this summit — you participate through your computer or tablet/phone — means we don’t have to limit registration to a certain number of seats. There is room for everyone.

On the first day there is an opportunity for participants to engage in group discussion. There is a limit here, because we only have so many discussion leaders and there is a practical limit to how many people can be part of this kind of discussion while feeling equally heard.

The option to join this 75 minutes session, called Courageous Conversations, is extended to the first 200 registrants who also live, work, learn or play in Hamilton.

Except for this one 75 minute session, the full summit program is available to all registrants.

No. Please register in advance. Registration will close at 6pm on Tuesday, May 18th.

Yes! No, not really. Well… we’d like if you did.

The summit is designed to lead through some specific listening and learning activities so that when we get to the act part toward the end, we’re all on a similar page in our excitement for community action.

We realize, though, that not everyone can afford two days away from the demands of regular life.

Please consult the program and if you’re short on time over May 19th and 20th, drop in to those sessions that you feel would most help your anti-hate work.

If you are a registrant in a Courageous Conversation discussion group and you are not able to attend, we ask that you notify us in advance so that we can offer your spot to another registrant.

No Hate in the Hammer will be producing a report of the key learning from the summit drawn from community reporters in each session. We’ll be sharing it on our social media and with our newsletter list.

If you’d like to get the report and are not registered for the summit, join the newsletter list to be sure to receive it. Through the newsletter you’ll also be the first to hear about opportunities following the summit to contribute to a community response to hate, including a speakers series in the fall.

We don’t have plans to record and post sessions from the summit. The summit is the start (or continuation) of a community-based process, with many opportunities to participate still to come.

No. These three evening events are available to session registrants through the conference platform, but they can also be accessed directly by people who are not summit registrants:

Qu’est-ce que le racisme? Comment cela nous affecte-t-il? (Tuesday evening)

Let’s Talk Kindness (children’s program, Wednesday late afternoon)

The Future is Now! (youth program, Wednesday evening)


Registration for this event closed at 6pm on Wednesday May 18th, 2021. Thank you for your interest in a hate-free Hamilton.

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