The Belonging Pledge: Accountability

People who sign the Belonging Pledge hold themselves accountable to taking action that makes the most sense in their own situation.

Organizations, elected officials, and community leaders who sign the pledge publicly may find that in time they are asked:

  • what they’ve done recently to build a more belonging Hamilton, or
  • to explain a subsequent organizational or political decision that members of the community feel wasn’t aligned with the pledge commitments.

When this kind of call for accountability comes from a member of No Hate in the Hammer it will take the form of calling in. Learn more about the purpose and practice of calling in as an alternative to calling out.

Anyone who signs can expect to receive gentle prompts from No Hate in the Hammer from time to time, asking that they privately reflect on what they’ve been doing to foster belonging in Hamilton.

Private individuals who sign the Belonging Pledge, whether they do so publicly or privately, are their own authority on when and how they realize their pledge.

The Belonging Pledge is a tool for collective learning and growth, not a trap or a tool to shame. Equity is not a cudgel.

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Sign the "Belonging Pledge", as an individual or on behalf of an organization. Commit to creating an inclusive community and eliminating hate in Hamilton.

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