Belonging Pledge: Organizations

We believe that everyone belongs in our community and has the right to equality, freedom from discrimination, and equitable treatment.

As an organization, we commit to:

  1. act against discrimination, intolerance, and the harmful effects of hate;
  2. Canada’s reconciliation with First Nation, M├ętis, and Inuit peoples and our role in reconciliation;
  3. join with others in a collective effort to nurture belonging;
  4. speak and stand up against discrimination in all its forms;
  5. facilitate progressive learning for our entire team and our partners about the rise in hate, its causes, and our responsibility to stand against it;
  6. work with community leaders to take effective action against hate, starting with strong and public condemnation whenever hate occurs;
  7. review our policies, by-laws, practices, and procedures using an anti-oppression framework to nurture inclusion and belonging;
  8. stay engaged in this movement for change; and
  9. contribute to a welcoming community to promote and celebrate belonging.

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