Early Years Pathway

The early years pathway is meant to educate people on how they can best support our youngest allies on their journey to becoming belonging champions.

Our goal is to create a world where everyone can experience a sense of belonging. By educating children about this at a young age, we can help create a foundation of acceptance in our society. Children in the early years age group soak up knowledge like sponges. They are also perceptive; they are aware when people are excluding others who are different from them. Additionally, research shows that from as early as six months old, children show preferences to people based on their skin colour. Therefore, it is important to teach young children about diversity and how we should all embrace our differences as it makes the world a special place. It is our responsibility to have those important and sometimes difficult conversations to create a positive effect. If we start young, we can guide the next generation in cultivating a world of kindness and acceptance.

In the early years pathway there are two sections: one for early years educators and the other for families of children in the early years. Each section has their own specific resources. The recommended books are for the early years age group and can be used by both educators and families. Please remember when using these resources that every child is unique and learns in their own way. It is important to review the resources and adapt them to fit the needs of the child you are working with.

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