We all cherish the feeling of belonging—being part of a safe, inclusive, and welcoming community. It warrants our collective time, energy, and commitment.

Hate divides us when we discriminate against members of our community. A community-wide, collective response is necessary to eliminate and prevent hate and all forms of racism, discrimination, and oppression. We all have a role to play, as individuals, organizations, faith groups, institutions, and leaders.

Welcome to the Hamilton Anti-Hate Toolkit, one step in our collective response to hate.


To build an inclusive, safe, and welcoming community where all feel a sense of belonging.

About this Toolkit

This toolkit has something for you, whether you are a community member who wants to stand up against hate, you are a parent wanting to influence a child, you are part of an institution that wants to build a safer Hamilton for all, or you have experienced hate and are looking for support and resources.

Today this toolkit includes:

  1. Information about the effects of hate in Hamilton and the real effects is has on us and our neighbours;
  2. Pathways for individuals to support building a personal plan of action, making connections, and employing frameworks to support a Belonging Hamilton;
  3. Recommendations for stakeholder organizations in Hamilton to embed equity, diversity, and inclusion into their practices to eliminate and prevent hate; and
  4. Resources and local programs to support those who have experienced hate.

No Hate in the Hammer member organizations are working on adding these new resources to the toolkit over summer and fall 2023:

  1. Additional supports for people directly affected by hate and those who want to support them;
  2. A pathway for developing understanding and improved practices of decolonization and reconciliation;
  3. Pathways for parents navigating early childhood and Early Years caregivers and providers;
  4. Sector-specific recommendations for people working in government, healthcare, policing and justice, education, and sociocultural affinity organizations; and
  5. Case scenarios to help put learning into practice.

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This toolkit is the action portion of No Hate in the Hammer’s Hamilton’s Community Response to Hate, which discusses key frameworks and practices necessary for addressing all levels of hate, racism, and discrimination.

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