Sector-Specific Recommendations

The recommendations that introduce this section of the toolkit are offered to every team and leader in Hamilton that can affect or is affected by unchecked hate, from the largest employer to informal and grassroots neighbourhood groups.

Organizations working in Hamilton in areas where discrimination is especially dangerous—like education, healthcare, and justice—have unique responsibilities and powers to recognize and interrupt the effects of hate.

This toolkit will present recommendations specific to stakeholders in these kinds of spaces in Hamilton to help understand the issues and strengths unique to those organizations.

Coming soon to this toolkit, recommendations for people working in:

  • Municipal, provincial, and federal governments and agencies
  • Education
  • Policing and the justice system
  • Healthcare
  • Faith-based organizations

If you would like to contribute your expertise to these sector-specific recommendations or participate in the community review panels that will sign off on the recommendations before they are released, please contact No Hate in the Hammer.

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