Contributing to the Toolkit

This toolkit is part of Hamilton’s Community Response to Hate and is meant to be a living resource that responds to community needs. It will change in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

These new modules are currently in development:

  • A pathway for developing understanding and improved practices of decolonization and reconciliation
  • Pathways for parents navigating early childhood
  • Case scenarios to help put learning into practice

And coming soon, sector-specific recommendations for people working in:

  • Municipal, provincial, and federal governments and agencies
  • Education and early childhood
  • Policing and the justice system
  • Healthcare
  • Faith-based organizations

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If you would like to contribute your expertise to the development of these resources or participate in the community review panels that will sign off on the recommendations before they are released, please contact No Hate in the Hammer.

The Next Step

What will you do next to join with others in a collective effort to nurture belonging?

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