Introduction to Pathways for Individuals

Do you want to learn more about hate so that you can “do something” about it? You’re in the right place!

Hate-motivated actions and effects of hate can be overwhelming to think about. It can be difficult to know what a single person can do or where to start. The coalition behind this toolkit is evidence that there are people doing this work beside you, to support your full inclusion in a movement of champions building a belonging community. 

To confront the effects of hate, we need to understand its root causes and what allows and perpetuates it. Hate is fuelled by ignorance, fear, and prejudice in individuals, institutions, and systems.

The individuals pathways in this toolkit are resources meant for anyone to build or improve the skills needed to participate in a collective response to the rise of hate. They are intended to function as linear journeys that provide tools you can use, an introduction to important concepts that are fundamental to a community response to hate, and steps you can take to be a belonging champion.

If you would like more information about any of the terms or language used in this toolkit, we recommend visiting the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion’s Glossary of Terms (PDF).

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